High Frequency Antenna Transceivers Amplifiers

ReliaSat is a leading manufacturer of high frequency satellite communications technology, offering reliable, cutting-edge solutions for high data rate requirements. ReliaSat specialises in the design and build of active and passive Flat Panel Phased Array Antennas, Satellite Transceivers and Amplifiers.

We specialise in enabling high data rate satellite communications for customers across the world. With market-leading and unique products, find out how ReliaSat can help your project.

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About ReliaSat

ReliaSat specialises in Ka-band satellite communications solutions, the next generation of high-speed, satellite communications technology.

ReliaSat is built on a foundation of world-leading innovation, our team of experienced PhD Engineers have developed a range of world-leading RF & mm-wave satellite communications technology at affordable prices, opening up previously inaccessible technology to commercial markets.

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Unlocking the Potential of Ku, K, and Ka bands in LEO Satellites.

Unlocking the Potential of Ku, K, and Ka Bands in LEO Satellites

In the dynamic realm of satellite communications, especially for LEO satellites, frequency bands like Ku, K, and Ka have become pivotal. As we progress further into the age of space