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Analog Phase Shifters by ReliaSat

by Reliasat
11th Jul 2023

ReliaSat is proud to introduce our cutting-edge analog phase shifters, crucial for anyone involved in constructing 5G networks, phased array antennas, beam steering antennas, or satellite downlinks. Our comprehensive inventory is designed to meet your immediate needs.

Discover ReliaSat’s Newest Innovation: For K and Ka-band Applications

ReliaSat’s latest offering includes high-performance K and Ka-band analog die phase shifters, available for immediate order. Designed for frequencies ranging from 17-21 GHz and 25-33 GHz, these phase shifters provide a seamless phase adjustment capability of up to 350º and >360º, respectively, ensuring precise control over your applications. With these devices readily available in stock, we’re ready to meet your project demands without delay.

Optimal Performance

Our analog phase shifters stand out as a prime choice over digital alternatives, offering unmatched phase control. By adjusting the control voltage between -0.5 to 0.7 V, users can achieve any desired phase delay, a feature critical for developing sophisticated beam steering antenna systems.

Key Features:
  • Exceptional Matching: Ensure consistent performance across various applications.
  • Minimal Insertion Loss Variation: Experience low variation (±1.9 dB and ±2 dB), maintaining signal integrity.
  • Precise Phase Variation: Achieve accurate phase control with less than ±15º and ±25º variation, essential for reliable system performance.
Versatile Applications

Designed for versatility, ReliaSat analog phase shifters are ideal for a multitude of applications, including millimeter-wave radar, communication systems, beam steering, phased array antennas, frequency translation, IoT, and security sectors.

Access Detailed Information and Support

For in-depth specifications, take a look here. Should you require further details or wish to receive a quote, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the solutions you need to advance your projects.

ReliaSat’s commitment to innovation in the field of analog phase shifters underscores our dedication to supporting advancements in communication and radar technologies. Let our products empower your next project with precision and reliability.