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Beam Steering Antenna

by Reliasat
11th Jul 2023

Experience unparalleled connectivity with ReliaSat’s advanced Beam Steering Antenna. Designed to revolutionize satellite communications, especially for on-the-move aviation and ground operations in isolated regions.


Our Beam Steering Antenna offers exceptional -60 to 60-degree steering capabilities in both azimuth and elevation. Complying with ITU standards for beamwidth and sidelobes through sophisticated amplitude tapering. This innovation is engineered for optimal performance with a low profile, integrating 64 elements for robust gain while leveraging analog phase shifters and amplitude modulation for precise beam direction and pattern shaping, catering to a broad spectrum of industry needs.

Innovative Design for On-the-Move Communications

Designed with a slim profile and extensive steering range, ReliaSat’s Beam Steering Antenna is ideal for mobile satellite communications, seamlessly integrating with vehicles to maintain performance and ensure expansive coverage.

Why Choose ReliaSat’s Phased Array Electronic Beam Steering Antenna?

Our engineering team has addressed common industry challenges by developing a robust, maintenance-free solution that outperforms mechanical alternatives. Traditional flat panel antennas fall short in size, weight, and speed, particularly for tracking low-earth-orbit satellites. Our Beam Steering Antenna excels in acquiring and tracking multiple satellites simultaneously, offering ease of use, cost-effective installation, and dependable long-term operation.

Engineering Excellence

Crafting this advanced antenna required overcoming significant design hurdles. The compact element spacing, required for its frequency range, demanded accurate integration of beam-forming ICs and power networks, into a slim, multilayer PCB design. This intricate architecture supports versatile polarization options and broader circular polarization bandwidth, tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

Enhancing Ka-band Mobile Satellite Communications

Our comprehensive solution includes a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) showcasing the antenna’s capabilities and simplifying measurements. Designed for seamless integration with various systems. The antenna is supported by ReliaSat’s Ka-band transceiver and micro-controller, ensuring compatibility with standard software-defined radios and modems.

For detailed information or to request a quote, please contact us. Explore the specifications and features by accessing the datasheet: LEOLINK100.