Building 5G networks, Phased Arrays or Beam Steering Antennas? ReliaSat Launches Analog Phase Shifters.

If you looking to build 5G networks, phased array antenna, beam steering antenna or satellite downlinks, ReliaSat has in-stock products which can help.

Reliasat is excited to announce our advanced K & Ka-band analog die phase shifters are ready to order. Operating at 17-21 or 25-33 GHz, the phase shifters enable up to 350º and >360º smooth phase variation across the band respectively. These bare die phase shifters are currently in stock and available in to order.

ReliaSat analog phase shifters are an alternative to digital phase shifters where any required phase delay is achievable with the phase set by varying the control voltage in the range of -0.5 to 0.7 V. This smooth phase variation is vitally important for the development of beam steering antenna systems.

Both Phase shifters offer excellent matching, low insertion loss variation (±1.9 dB & ±2 dB) and excellent phase variation over all frequencies (less than ±15º & ±25º respectively).

The phase shifters have multiple applications for millimetre wave radar and communication systems including beam steering antenna, phased array antenna, frequency translation, IOT and security.

The datasheets can be accessed on the following page K & Ka-band products If you would like to request further information or receive a quote please contact