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Frequency Synthesizers

by Reliasat
11th Jul 2023

ReliaSat specializes in creating high-performance frequency synthesizers, critical components in RF systems that ensure precise frequency generation. Our engineering team, understanding the challenges of long lead times, has innovatively designed a series of synthesizers. The synthesizers meet our stringent high-frequency specifications, streamlining production for satellite communication technologies.

We’re excited to offer our bespoke frequency synthesizers to the broader market. Addressing a crucial need for rapid and flexible component availability. These synthesizers are not just a part of our product lineup. They’re a solution to accelerate industry progress in RF system development.

Options available to purchase:
  • Custom Fixed Frequency Synthesizer: Choose a fixed frequency ranging from 8-16 GHz, tailored to your specifications at the time of order.
  • Programmable Synthesizer (8 – 16 GHz): Offers tunability via UART, allowing for dynamic frequency adjustments within the 8-16 GHz range.
  • Programmable Synthesizer (16 – 32 GHz): Offers tunable via UART, this synthesizer caters to higher frequency needs between 16 and 32 GHz.
Key Features:

Our synthesizers stand out with their exceptionally low phase noise, ensuring reliable and clear frequency signals. Designed with a compact surface mount package, they are easy to integrate into various RF devices, enhancing design flexibility and system performance.

To learn more about how ReliaSat’s frequency synthesizers can benefit your RF system development or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact us. Our team is dedicated to providing solutions that drive innovation and efficiency in the industry.

Datasheets can be found here:

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer 8-16 GHz
Programmable Frequency Synthesizer 8-16 GHz
Programmable Frequency Synthesizer 16-32 GHz