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Future of Connectivity

by Reliasat
22nd May 2024

Unveiling the Future of Connectivity – ReliaSat is thrilled to announce the launch of the LEOLINK200, a state-of-the-art Ka-band Beam Steering Antenna that represents the latest in communication technology advancements. Designed to meet the rigorous demands of both modern terrestrial and aerospace applications. This antenna offers unprecedented flexibility and performance.

Revolutionary Design and Functionality

The LEOLINK200 operates within the transmit frequency range of 27-31 GHz and a receive frequency of 17-21 GHz, accommodating a wide operational bandwidth. Its phased array design allows for a slim profile, making it ideal for integration on various platforms, including aircraft and mobile platforms interacting with low Earth orbit satellites.

Exceptional Performance Across Applications

With 1024 antenna elements utilising complex tapering algorithms, the LEOLINK200 ensures superior sidelobe suppression, critical for reducing interference with neighbouring spacecraft. It is a perfect fit for:

  • Mobile LEO satellite platforms, including aerospace applications
  • Drones and UAVs
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Remote internet reception areas
  • Satellite 5G base stations

The antenna supports omnidirectional scanning up to ±60 degrees and features high gain and effective isotropic radiated power (EIRP). This is crucial for maintaining strong and stable connections. Furthermore, it offers circular polarization and integrates seamlessly with any software-defined radio or modem.

Built to Last

The LEOLINK200 is not only about performance but also durability. It withstands extreme environmental conditions, complying with military standards for shock and vibration (MIL-STD 810 and MIL-STD 167), and is enclosed in a robust aerodynamic casing with a low-loss radome to ensure long-term reliability.

Ready for Tomorrow

The LEOLINK200 is equipped with a cutting-edge control board and an optional GNSS antenna and receiver, making it a highly adaptable solution for evolving technology landscapes. Whether for aviation, maritime, or ground communications, this antenna is designed to deliver high-quality connectivity where it matters most.

Join the Connectivity Revolution

As we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in communication technology, the LEOLINK200 Beam Steering Antenna stands out as a pivotal development. For inquiries or more information on how the LEOLINK200 can serve your specific communication needs, get in touch.

At ReliaSat, we are not just building antennas; we are building the future of global connectivity. Discover more about the LEOLINK200 and join us in this exciting journey towards a more connected world.