ReliaSat Launch High Frequency Synthesizers

If you can’t buy it, make it yourself!

Frequency synthesizers are one of the key components of RF systems. When designing ReliaSat’s range of RF modules, our Engineers often struggle to source frequency synthesizers which match ReliaSat’s high-frequency specification needs. Microwave frequency synthesizers which ReliaSat typically need, have very long lead times which cause bottlenecks in the production of our satellite communication products.

ReliaSat’s Engineering Team Leader, Ali Dagdeviren took it upon himself to design a family of Frequency Synthesizers which suited ReliaSat’s needs, giving greater flexibility and availability of key components to the business. ReliaSat is now making our new Frequency Synthesizers available for sale to the industry, as they fill a vital gap in the market and will hopefully enable other businesses to develop products quicker.

Available to purchase are:

  • A fixed frequency between 8-16 GHz as specified by customers at the point of order;
  • A programmable Synthesizer between 8 – 16 GHz, tunable via UART;
  • A programmable Synthesizer between 16 – 32 GHz, tunable via UART.

ReliaSat’s high-performance synthesizers achieve very low phase noise. The product comes in a tiny surface mount package, making it simple to fit and integrate into RF devices.

Please contact ReliaSat with your specification requirements for more information:

Datasheets for all versions can be found here:

Fixed Frequency Synthesizer 8-16 GHz

Programmable Frequency Synthesizer 8-16 GHz

Programmable Frequency Synthesizer 16-32 GHz